Eyal Yechezkell was recently recognized at the The Mobile Excellence Awards, otherwise known as the MEAs. The MEAs work to seek out and honor the mobile entertainment community’s best products that attempt to integrate media, marketing and technology. Specifically, the article mentions the announcement of the nomination of the VH1 TXT2WIN—a popular mobile product that was created in collaboration between Eyal Yechezkell’s company and VH1. The product and its premium subscription service allow audiences of VH1’s reality television shows to interact with VH1’s reality television programs via their mobile devices. Through this subscription, the millions that watch VH1’s reality television shows are able to engage in mobile discussion, answer show trivia, comment on memorable moments and speculate with fellow fans on the content of upcoming episodes.

Mobile Excellence Awards

As a direct result of this notoriety, the product, made and manufactured by Eyal Yechezkell’s company, is one of the top five finalists to be nominated in the Best Content Extension Made for Mobile” category of The Mobile Excellence Awards. Yechezkell was delighted to hear of the nomination, and declared that the very existence of the category suggests the degree to which mobile devices have become integral to broadcast audience management and experience. Yechezkell was particularly ecstatic at to announce the nomination, as it is in regard to one of the company’s newest products.

Other honorees addressed in the category are Initiative for Lionsgate’s Expendables Foursquare, Augme for HBO/PHD and Bravo for Top Chef Interactive Experience. Sarah Miller, Founder & Chair of the MEAs, declared that this particular line up of nominees was one of the strongest seen at the excellence awards. Much like Yechezkell claimed, it is her belief that the increasing focus on mobile technologies in reaching audiences has spurred on amazing advancements in entertainment and media. Therefore, it is Miller’s honor to nominate and recognize some of the best and brightest, in an already excelling field.