Eyal Yechezkell

Eyal Yechezkell, PressEyal Yechezkell is serial entrepreneur who has built numerous products and services from concept to market and successfully marketed them using various online and mobile channels.  Eyal is currently devoting the majority of his time working on a new proprietary mobile advertising platform that will cater to mobile application developers looking to re-engage their app users and maximize their revenues.

Dot-com Bubble: Changing Business Models

Soon after Eyal Yechezkell began his first company, the dot com bubble started deflating until a complete burst by 2001.  Unphased and foreword thinking, Eyal was prepared to take his company in a different direction, to change course, and continue evolving in the volatile digital market his company was in.  Along with his business partner Itai Kathein, the two pivoted their online business model and built a successful online company specializing in direct response.

“When the dot-com bubble burst we had to be extremely agile and quickly figure out our next business move.  Some clients like Pets.com evaporated overnight” recalls Eyal.   Eyal and Itai decided to work with more established advertisers that were looking to generate sales and leads online.  They quickly grew their proprietary online network of websites generating high quality sales and leads for a variety of online advertisers.

Mobile Games, Products and Services

Seeing the surge in mobile in 2006, Eyal Yechezkell introduced a new and exciting mobile game to the market that within a year became one of the largest mobile games of its kind in the United States.   Following that success, Eyal and Itai built a suite of their own proprietary products and services that served millions of online and mobile consumers.  Serving as CEO through the years, Eyal managed to grow the Company to over 120 employees and led the marketing and product initiatives including multi-million dollar business development, advertising and media buying deals.  In 2011, Eyal and Itai decided to sell their mobile portfolio of products to their largest competitor.

Eyal Today: CEO in Mobile Marketing

Today, Eyal is the CEO of Mobixi, a mobile marketing company specializing in mobile acquisitions that help companies sell their product via various mobile channels including the mobile web and applications.  With the explosive growth of mobile over the last few years and their extensive experience in the mobile space Eyal Yechezkell and Itai Kathein are focused on building innovative mobile marketing tools and are also making investments in other mobile startups.